South section - 11/10/2021

Wednsday, 9:20-12:20 no live newts, 107 dead newts
I walked with Jim.
Weather: a bit cold, cloudy, then the sun came out. We got some light rain Monday-Tuesday.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd intersection to the second stop sign.
Newts: I had 80 dead newts, Jim had 27. at least 7 of them juveniles.
Other roadkills: 1 garter snake, 3 slender salamanders, 2 arboreal salamanders, 2 young fence lizards, a few Jerusalem Crickets, a few banana slugs and snails, a few beetles, and a few Tylobolus millipedes and centipedes.
Traffic: 33 cars, 3 trucks, 3 bikes, 0 pedestrians, 0 parked cars.
My observations of the day -
Jim's observations of the day -

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