North section - 11/02/2021

Tuesday, 9:00-11:46 no live newts, 154 dead newts
I walked with Dylan, and Jim joined halfway through.
Weather: cold, cloudy. Jim said it rained all day Monday by Lexington Reservoir.

Coverage: from the Jones Trailhead parking lot to the second stop sign.

Newts: I had 81 dead newts, Dylan had 74. 8 juveniles.
Other roadkills: 1 giant toad, 2 arboreal salamanders, 1 Jerusalem Cricket, 2 banana slugs, 1 snail, 2 Strigamia
(the skinny red centipede), and about 10 Tylobolus millipedes.
Traffic: 34 cars, 8 trucks, 5 bikes, 10 pedestrians, 18 parked cars (0 cars at the far parking lot).
My observations of the day -
Dylan's observations of the day -

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