Early June

We're off to a roaring start, and will now be hitting our peak diversity in the next two weeks.

May now has 7,959 observations, for 102 species - this is well ahead of 2023, which was a new high at the time (4,255 obs, 86 sp).

On the year we're now over 12,000 observations. Every county has 2024 observations, over 500 contributors.

So far we have 38 species with new early flight dates. We also have 49 new county records. 15 of the new county records are in target counties, so yay.

We started the year with 25 counties below 1,000 total observations. That count is now 17, and 3 counties are now very near the mark. So making progress. Thanks to all contributing.

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More hours spent observing will likely increase the number of species observed, and increase the likelihood of catching some earlier emerging species.

But I’m pretty confident that the flight seasons are moving forward. On our own property in Coshocton County, at least 8 species set new records, and I’ve been gone for over a week, so that was only through the third week of May. Plants are coming up earlier, also.

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A big thanks to those who ID mine and everyone else's sightings. It's satisfying to know I'm helping to update the county records, particularly the really outdated ones. This past weekend I came across a dragonfly who's last official noted presence in my county was in 1941!

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