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24 de junho de 2021

Where can I learn more about Mushrooms?

There are several recommended sources to learn more. Some are online and some are not. Instead of trying to reproduce the list of online resources here, below is a link to a living Google document that attempts to get as many resources into one place as possible:

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23 de junho de 2021

What is an umbrella project and what is this one's role?

An umbrella project on iNaturalist is a project that encompasses at least one other standard project (in our case, we cull all observations from The projects: Fungi beyond NYC - New York Mycological Society and Fungi of NYC - New York Mycological Society. The main purpose of umbrella projects is described by iNaturalist:

If you want to collate, compare, or promote a set of existing projects, then an Umbrella project is what you should use. For example, the 2018 City Nature Challenge, which collated over 60 projects, made for a great landing page where anyone could compare and contrast each city’s observations. Both Collection and Traditional projects can be used in an Umbrella project, and up to 500 projects can be collated by an Umbrella project.

The specific purpose of this project is to facilitate data analysis and to choose images for social media.

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What is the New York Mycological Society?

The New York Mycological Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of mushrooms in science, cuisine, and more.

The New York Mycological Society is a mushroom club for all New Yorkers. It contains observations of fungi of New York's five boroughs as well as surrounding counties. The NYMS is a member, in good standing, of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA).

Interested? Find out more by visiting our website's about page:

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22 de junho de 2021

Parameters for the Observation of the Week

The Observation of the Week is posted as the NYMS collection group’s banner (, on the society’s twitter page (, and on our instagram feed ( Every observation is carefully attributed to the photographer who took the photo used (with their permission).

The following are parameters used for selection of the OOTW:
Observation must have at least one photo associated with it

  • PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE IN FOCUS (especially when blown up)
  • Observation must fall under the myxomycetes/slime molds or Fungi Kingdom.
  • The observer must be a member, in good standing, of the New York Mycological Society
  • Observation must be added to one of the two official NYMS iNaturalist projects
  • Observation should be identified to, at least, the genus level, by a reliable source
  • Observations that are of particular interest, vis-a-vis specimens that are of interest from a scientific or conservation perspective, will be given preference
  • Prefer photos that can be cropped to 760x320, squared, etc. – so some surroundings in the frame is best

The following parameters are used post-selection:
  • The observer must give their express permission to use said observation, with proper attribution, before the OOTW is posted.
  • The observer will be credited with the photo observation with text indicating all social media accounts we have on file for them and/or a “Photo by …” text.
  • The selected image may be cropped to fit the various formats (with permission of the photographer)

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The OOTW decision

Although the Observation of the Week, changes each week, it doesn't seem fast enough. I post the OOTW each Monday, but as I log into iNaturalist each successive day to see what is being observed and to try to glean the best image/observation for the following week, I find that there are a plethora of new observations that could have been the OOTW for the previous week, but will be eclipsed by even newer observations by Friday or Saturday (when the final decision is made).

So, although some observations (many of my own, because they are out of focus) have pictures that will not rate OOTW, many more just occur at the wrong time. Unless they stand out significantly, the newer observations tend to take the prize, so to speak.

The other problem I have encountered is scale. Sometimes the photos, which are mostly taken on a smartphone, do not scale well for the size of the image we would like. For instance, The image size for the project page banner is 760x320 pixels, the social media pages generally take a square image, while most of the original images are neither.

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21 de junho de 2021

Observation of the Week 20210621

This week's Observation of the week (cropped version featured on the home page of this project) is by Sue Zucker-Scharff.

The observation can be found on iNaturalist here:

Sue's social media accounts are as follows:

Please follow Sue on iNaturalist and Instagram.

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14 de junho de 2021

Observation of the Week 20210614

Our new Observation of the Week is by Blacki Migliozzi. The observation was photographed during the most recent excursion by the NY Mycological Society at Alley Pond in Queens. Although Blacki doesn't yet have an iNaturalist account, his photography was brought to our attention through different means.

Blacki can be found on Instagram at:

And on Twitter at:

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10 de junho de 2021

Observation of the Week for 20210607

This week's Observation of the week (cropped version featured on the home page of this project) is by Nova Patch.

The observation can be found on iNaturalist here:

Nova's social media accounts are as follows:

Please follow Nova on iNaturalist, Twitter, and Instagram.

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