White Flowered Rhododendron distribution in Oregon

I've been hoping to explore the range of R. albiflorum in the Oregon Cascades this year, hoping to answer the question does it still exist in areas where it has been collected, and what is the health of those populations? The Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria website ( https://www.pnwherbaria.org/data/results.php?DisplayAs=WebPage&ExcludeCultivated=Y&GroupBy=ungrouped&SortBy=Year&SortOrder=DESC&SearchAllHerbaria=Y&QueryCount=1&IncludeSynonyms1=Y&Genus1=rhododendron&Species1=albiflorum&State1=oregon&Zoom=4&Lat=55&Lng=-135&PolygonCount=0 ) was used to find location data, including as follows:
Clackamas County: Veda Lake
Jefferson and Marion Counties: Olallie Lake Scenic and Mount Jefferson Wilderness Areas.
Linn County: Forest Road 2234, Bruno Meadows, Willamette National Forest and Bachelor Mountain.
Lane County: Scott and Scout Lakes, Indian Ridge, Middle Sister
Deschutes County: Bachelor Butte.
Grant County (?): Mount Ruth.

There are many recent reports on iNaturalist of the species around Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson areas and a few from the Elkhorn Mountains. In the Cascades there aren't any recent reports of the species south of Mount Jefferson; and none in the Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon. Does the species not exist in the Wallowas? see: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=10&subview=map&taxon_id=126556

Much of the area around Mount Jefferson was seriously burned in 2020 from the Lionshead Fire so access to the area will be problematic for possibly several years. Since fires may be a continuing issue for quite awhile I am hoping that observers will make note of where they find R. albiflorum in Oregon, and post those observations on iNaturalist.

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