Tomorrow is Nature Photography Day and Last Day of NANPA Bioblitz

Tomorrow is June 15, Nature Photography day, and also the last day of NANPA's Bioblitz. Make sure you get all of your observations loaded into iNaturalist by the end of the day on June 15.

The Bioblitz has had a very busy and diverse group of observers. We have recorded over 6,600 observations of 2,543 species including 82 species identified as threatened. Impressive!

We also geographically diverse with observations from 25 different states and 2 Canadian Provinces.

Keep observing.

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The contested ended 15 days ago. When will the winners be announced here and/or on NANPA's own website?

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The winners were announced in a NANPA newsletter that went out about a week ago and I just posted them on the Project Journal as well.

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