Boletim do projeto metro Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge 2021

25 de junho de 2021

Preliminary results from the BioDiverCity challenge

Thanks everyone for uploading observations and making identifications in this bioblitz. A total of 176 people submitted 3324 observations on 3 platforms - iNaturalist, NatureLynx, and Edmonton Nature Club (written observations of bird sightings), for a total of 854 species. Here on iNaturalist, we had 1957 observations by 138 observers, of 562 species, identified by 183 iNaturalists. That's the official tally as of midnight June 20, a week after the bioblitz.
For those of you who may still be refining IDs of some of the more cryptic species, or waiting for other experts to do so for you, we'll do another unofficial tally in a month or so, at least here on iNaturalist. I know I've got some tiny moths and a few beetles that I hadn't gotten around to identifying yet; maybe we can get a few more lichens, mosses, flies, and other less conspicuous microfauna/flora as well.
Last year, the first year of this bioblitz, we had 1904 observations and 513 species total (1053 obs/368 species on iNat). I haven't tallied up a list of species common to both years. More interesting to me would be a list of what we missed this year - I bet there were some common things (sowbugs!) that almost anyone could have seen, but nobody got. Maybe we'll develop a list of "must-see" species for next year, to make sure we don't all miss something common and obvious.
Finally, in case any of you haven't had enough bioblitzing yet, there's a Canada Day bioblitz running at the provincial and national level on July 1. We've been challenged to try to observe 154 species each for Canada's 154th birthday. That's a pretty tall order for one day, but it's do-able!
happy iNatting,
Greg Pohl
volunteer bioblitz coordinator

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14 de junho de 2021

400+ species!

Great going everyone! We've got 6 more hours to make observations, but then we've got a week to get them all in here, and for everyone to assist with IDs.

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11 de junho de 2021

End of day 1

Good going everyone! It was a bit of a wet day, but the rain stopped here and there. Don't worry if you haven't uploaded all your photos yet, you've got a week after the end of the bioblitz to get them up here. Happy iNatting the next 3 days.

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02 de junho de 2021

the bioblitz starts in just over a week!

Get ready everyone! Bioblitz starts very soon!

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