Invitation to Jim Carlton's online talk - An Unsolved San Francisco Bay Mystery: The Enigmatic Beach-Hopper of Lake Merritt

Dr. Jim Carlton will kick off a series of talks, "Lakeside Chats", about Lake Merritt, its diverse wildlife and human community. Fri, Dec 4, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 pm
Interactive: 25 min of Q&A

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Lakeside Chats Organizer: Rotary Nature Center Friends

Yes, the scientific name of the iconic Lake Merritt Beach Hopper has been changed from Transorchestia enigmatica to Bulychaeva enigmatica.

Abstact: A small, one-half inch, semi-terrestrial crustacean living in Lake Merritt is one of San Francisco Bay’s biggest mysteries. Beach-hopper amphipods (distantly related to shrimps and crabs) live in a unique but narrow and fragile habitat — the uppermost edges of beaches around the world, and are typically found under decaying seaweed, driftwood, and rocks. Our native ...mais ↓

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The goal of this project is to follow the aquatic species community in Lake Merritt from 1966 into the future!

Oceanographers Jim Carlton of Williams College and the Smithsonian and Andrew Chang and colleagues from the Smithsonian Lab in Tiburon are collaborating with the project to allow citizen scientists to help extend their observations into the ...mais ↓

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