December, 2019: Describe your walk by adding a comment below

Each time you go out and make observations for this project, describe your walk by adding a comment to this post. Include the date, distance walked, and categories that you used for this walk.

Suggested format:
Date. Place. Distance walked today. Total distance for this project.
Brief description of the area, what you saw, what you learned, who was with you, or any other details you care to share.

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12/1/19. Adamant, VT. 1.8 miles today
Categories: birds, arthropods

This morning I bundled up for my weekly walk in Adamant. The temperature was 4F at 9 AM, so I waited until 11 AM. By then it was a balmy 15F. I stopped in at the co-op to see the "Little Shop Upstairs", our Christmas art pop-up store. They were having tea and cookies for opening day, but I didn't see any gluten free cookies, so I headed back out to search for birds. There wasn't much flying, but I managed to spot a couple of chickadees by the bird feeder across from the store. The sunflowers in a friend's garden also had a bunch of chickadees, plus a woodpecker in the corner. I walked out to the end of my usual route, but only managed to catch a blue jay, no other species. I also walked up to the Point on Adamant Pond. On the way out to the Point, I was delighted to find a spider on the snow. It was crawling, but barely, and patiently posed for a few photos. No action at all out on the lake, which is thoroughly frozen over and quite ready for skiing and ice fishing.

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12/2/19. Berlin, VT. 3 miles today
Categories: emergent weeds, trees

This afternoon I managed to squeeze in a quick walk in Berlin near the airport just before dusk at 4 PM. With several inches of snow on the ground and not many trees near the road, there were very few unplanned plants to photograph. Still, I managed to find a few weeds standing above the snow, including Queen Anne's lace, chicory, bull thistle, burdock, mullein, sweet clover, and cow vetch. Trees for today were box elder, white pine, paper birch, buckthorn, basswood, and sugar maple. I had hoped to find some insects on the fresh snow, but the best I could come up with was honeysuckle aphid. Not even any goldenrod stem galls today. For tracks, all I found were some turkey tracks near the medical offices. Hmmm. I searched for unintentional plants outside the airport entrance and found 2 bad intentions (burning bush and barberry), and just a little cow vetch.

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Hi all! I haven't had any time to post here but just wanted to say it's very impressive how much more ground you've covered Erika! I find myself using this data when doing wetland mapping stuff, too. It's a real resource.
Much of the walking i have been doing is back and forth in the house with a fussy baby, so most of my iNat over the last few months has been at work and with the field season done that's winding down. Next year!

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Enjoy the time with the baby, Charlie! How exciting to have 2 kids now. I had a great time chatting with Holly at the opening of the bike path. She's a cool kid!

I'm back to trying to walk new roads that I haven't walked before. So yes, lots more territory to cover. Glad to hear the data is useful for something!

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12/3/19. Hill St Ext, Berlin, VT. 2.3 miles today
Categories: trees, fleshy fruits, galls

This afternoon I took a brisk walk along Hill St Ext, or, as Google currently calls it, Hill Saint Ext. I hoped to find some arthropods on the fresh snow, as I'm sure I would have in Calais, but the snow had been plowed and was messy, so it was hard to pick out any living black specks on it. Today's walk was a whole lot more interesting than yesterday's, even though I was probably barely 2 miles distant. More woods, more trees, more life.

For trees today, I found red maple, sugar maple, balsam fir, white pine, Scots pine, hemlock, red spruce, white cedar, beech, black cherry, sumac, paper birch, gray birch, white ash, elm, and alder. Fleshy fruits were buckthorn, highbush cranberry , grapes, European barberry, multiflora rose, and honeysuckle. Galls were 2 kinds of goldenrod galls, plus some big honking galls throughout a Scots pine plantation. I think they might be Trisetacus pini, which is typically a European species, but GBIF shows a few specimens observed in North America. Unfortunately, my photos of the pine galls are lousy, so I don't think they can be confirmed. Tracks for today were turkey, lots of them.

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That's so neat that you got to talk to Holly at that walk.

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12/4/19. Portal Rd, Middlesex, VT. 2.1 miles today
Categories: 100 paces, galls, fleshy fruits

Today I walked the second part of Portal Rd outside of Montpelier. It was an out-and-back walk, so I decided to try shooting a new woody species every 100 paces on the way out. More or less. On the way back, I searched and searched for arthropods on the snow, but no luck. For trees I found balsam fir, yellow birch, Japanese knotweed, box elder, sugar maple, white pine (dead), red spruce, hop hornbeam, black cherry, hemlock, beech, apple, white ash, sumac, crabapple, white birch, basswood, alder, and hawthorn. Galls today were goldenrod flower gall, goldenrod stem gallhoneysuckle gall, willow cone galls, and willow stem galls. Fleshy fruits were highbush cranberry, and bittersweet nightshade. All the grapes were gone, and for once, I found no buckthorn. The tracks of the day were white-tailed deer, and I actually remembered to bring my measuring stick so I didn't have to shoot my boot beside the deer tracks.

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12/5/19. Belknap Rd, Berlin, VT. 1.7 miles today
Categories: arthropods on snow, trees

This afternoon I took a walk under the snow drops near Berlin Pond. Conditions were perfect for arthropoding--just enough fresh snow to make a new white layer, but not enough for the plow trucks to be out. Just a minute or two after I left my car, I found my first arthropod, a fly. I managed to find 3 flies, lots of spiders, and a micro moth during the walk. I was concentrating so much on the ground looking for insects that I hardly saw any plants. Still, Belknap Rd was quite nice, and worth returning to in the summer when plowing isn't an issue. As I was heading up the road, I met up with a very bow-legged guy with one eye who was also out for a walk. He told me that he used to live up this road, and that even though there was a gate across it, it was still a public road. But the police have a shooting range along it, which is why the gate. Hmmm. Beyond the gate, the road was not plowed, but the snow wasn't too deep yet and there was a clear foot path. Lots of hemlock forest with yellow birch and a river running through it.

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12/6/19. Culver Hill Rd, Middlesex, VT. 2.5 miles today
Categories: trees, fleshy fruits

This afternoon I went exploring up Culver Hill Rd, which turned out to be a quite scenic hill along a stream to the west of Wrightsville Reservoir. The road wound through a hemlock forest in the lower reaches, then a few more trees were added to the mix. I hunted and hunted for arthropods on the fresh snow, but no luck today. I think perhaps the flurries were too thick for them. Trees today were hemlock, white ash, paper birch, balsam fir, speckled alder, beech, yellow birch, white pine, apple, box elder, trembling aspen, red spruce, sugar maple, red maple, and staghorn sumac. Fleshy fruits were grapes. No luck with tracks today--the old ones were covered by new flakes and there weren't any new ones yet.

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12/7/19. Mallory Brook Trail, East Montpelier, VT. 1.8 miles today
Categories: arthropods, fleshy fruits

This morning I met up with our Saturday morning hiking group to walk the Mallory Brook Trail in East Montpelier. There were 6 of us walkers this morning, which was a good thing since, as we remembered too late, it is still hunting season. Fortunately, it was just musket season--rifle season is over, thank goodness. But the property is marked hunters welcome, so it was just crawling with hunters. As a large, loud group, we probably weren't at too much risk, but I'm sure we annoyed some hunters as we walked through their action. It's just so hard to keep out of the woods!

With the fresh snow yesterday, it was prime hunting season for arthropods on snow. We found 2 green caterpillars (fallen off of trees?), 2 Acleris micro moths, and lots of Tetragnatha spiders. We also found some grapes, lots of buckthorn fruits, and some highbush cranberries back at the parking lot. Plenty of tracks today, including deer, snowshoe hair, and squirrels.

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