PNWRM Observations of the Week -- Sep 1-7

I have decided to give members of this project a little fun every week by provided what I think were the best photos submitted to the project within the past week. Hope you enjoy my top three favorite pics!

Three spot goes to @spauls for his photo of an adorable little pygmy-owl in Pend Oreille County, WA. This 6-inch, hard species to find (or for me at least) is our first sighting for the project and I hope to expect more as time passes. You can see his pic at the following observation.

Second place goes to @peterolsoy for his 'winking' owl in Whitman County, WA. Great Horns are by far the most common of the owls but it's always a neat experience to see them. If you happen to be owling some night this month, listen to courting adults while they're still be harassed by the previous season young.

And first place for this week goes to @kathawk for a very... shocking experience with another Great Horned Owl. Usually I find this expression on people when I show them owls but this is new for me. Almost like he's saying, "Oh my gosh! A human!".

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