Raptors Needs Per County

For those really obsessed with iNaturalist, here's a little challenge you can go if you happen upon a location. There are only a few regular iNaturalists the inland Pacific Northwest so here and there, data is patchy. So if you wish, visit some counties and get observations for places that have yet recorded the species. I'll list the counties that our five common species haven't been 'found' in yet but is in iNaturalist's range maps.

Red-tailed Hawk -- Ferry (WA) and Gilliam (OR)

Swainson's Hawk -- Ferry (WA), Stevens (WA), Pend Oreille (WA), Chelan (WA), Spokane (WA), Kittias (WA), Yakima (WA), Klickitat (WA), Benton (WA), Benton (WA), Garfield (WA), Asotin (WA), Hood River (OR), Sherman (OR), Gilliam (OR), Morrow (OR), Jefferson (OR), Wheeler (OR), Grant (OR) and Klamath (OR)

Osprey -- Ferry (WA), Adams (WA), Benton (WA), Garfield (WA), Sherman (OR), Gilliam (OR), Morrow (OR), Wheeler (OR), Baker (OR) and Malheur (OR)

Great Horned Owl -- Ferry (WA), Pend Oreille (WA), Douglas (WA), Columbia (WA), Garfield (WA), Hood River (OR), Gilliam (OR), Wheeler (OR) and Grant (OR)

American Kestrel -- Ferry (WA), Pend Oreille (WA), Chelan (WA), Columbia (WA), Gilliam (OR), Jefferson (OR), Grant (OR) and Malheur (OR)

And as I said, this challenge is for those who are really obsessed with going out all over to find something that may be just outside you window. But if you decide to go to one of those counties, good for you and I wish you the best of luck because whatever you find can be valuable data.

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