City Nature Challenge 2023: The Maritimes/Atlantic Umbrella Project's Boletim

18 de março de 2023

Time to start promoting the 2023 City Nature Challenge!

Are you following the countdown to the 2023 CNC? Only 40 days to go!

Please encourage iNatters, old and new alike to join this regional umbrella project as they will then automatically receive notifications when news items are posted.

If you have info that you would like to share or activities that you would like to promote drop me a line at

Don't forget to also bookmark the following projects:
Global CNC umbrella:
Canadian CNC umbrella

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17 de março de 2023

iNat or iNot

Earlier this week a local iNatter suggested that I take a look at an article on the iNaturalist forum in the Educators category. The title was ‘iNat or iNot: A quiz to check understanding of captive/cultivated’.

The creator of the QUIZ wrote the following ‘If you would like to edit or adapt this presentation, I encourage you to make a copy from the edit view or start anew even. I have licensed this with a creative commons international 4.0 attribution license so feel free to share, adapt, mix, and reuse with attribution.

A word of caution though - this presentation is targeted to the absolute beginner. These are people who have just started using iNat and who may have difficulty knowing what is ‘wild’. During the City Nature Challenge we do not want participants taking photos of every single flowering bulb in their garden nor posting photos of all their pets and their neighbour's pets!

It should be noted however that there are many reasons why more experienced iNatters might choose to share (and flag) captive animals or cultivated plants. Example in the first slide bur oak on front lawn – maybe someone is documenting all the street trees in their neighbourhood; maybe someone is sharing photos of this tree over time and showing seasonal changes/growth; maybe this tree is host to many lichen, insects, birds, etc; perhaps fallen leaves from this tree provide protection for overwintering insects; … BUT click ‘iNot’ and read the provided explanation. This information is useful to beginners.

So, whether you are a newbie, an educator, or an experienced iNatter, give this quiz a try! Please share your comments below.

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27 de novembro de 2022

Announcing the dates for the 2023 City Nature Challenge - start getting ready today!

The dates have been set for the 2023 City Nature Challenge: the CNC 4 day 'observing' event will take place between Friday April 28 and Monday May 1st; participants have until May 7th to finish uploading observations; observations may be identified as soon as the CNC starts until midnight on May 7th. Final global results will be announced on May 8th.

In past years we asked local iNatters if they were ready for an unforgettable adventure and then proceeded to provide lots of information about iNaturalist, the global City Nature Challenge, and about the various local areas registered to participate.

Click here to view the 2022 umbrella project and read the posts from last year (2022)
Click here to view the 2021 umbrella project and read the 2021 posts.
Click here to view the 2020 umbrella project and read the 2020 journal posts.

Despite the pandemic many Maritimers were able to get outdoors and explore their backyards and/or areas within their restricted areas. Getting out and observing nature was and is still a simple way to reduce stress.

Who knows what 2023 will bring. Hopefully the sun will come out and people can get outdoors, explore, observe nature, and share their observations with iNat. Hopefully people will be willing to travel to different CNC areas.

The City Nature Challenge is a global event and it is an opportunity to highlight our part of the world. Nationally many cities from across Canada registered to participate in the 2022 CNC and our Atlantic region placed well on the Canadian leaderboard.

Join this 2023 umbrella project TODAY and follow our Facebook page for more news and updates for all the Atlantic/Maritime entries.

Don't wait till April to learn how to use iNat - start sharing your photos (old or new) with iNat now!
If you need help just drop us a line at

For more info on the global CNC project click here

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