About 20 days till the City Nature Challenge

We have about 20 days and counting until the city nature challenge. This year the big country area is going to have its first ever City Nature Challenge and we need people to help out. The contest will be from April 30th to May 3rd. Observations have to uploaded and identified by May 9th. The more species you get in this challenge, the higher your city is ranked globally. We will mostly be competing with cities in Texas, but will also be competing with other cities globally. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, along with some individuals from around the area are helping put on the Texas Big Country City Nature Challenge. If you would like to join this project and help this project out, here is the link to join:
Also, if you could help identify observations, that will help ...mais ↓

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This is a project for all bird sightings in the big country area of Texas.

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