SAVE THE DATE: Biodiversity of Bedford event Sunday, September 29th

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all your great observations! We are now up to 1,440 Research Grade species in Bedford! That's incredible, to me. I know we can confirm thousands more, so if you are up for it, please use the Identify tool on the iNaturalist website:

But the real reason for this post is to announce our first-ever Biodiversity of Bedford event on Sunday, September 29th from 12:30pm-3pm. We're going to do it in our barn in Bedford Village, located at 50 Pound Ridge Road. Parking will be available in the Town Parking Lot behind the Presbyterian Church! Should be plenty of parking available as the service ends at 12pm noon. We'll have food and drinks for everyone - we are currently seeking a partner restaurant to help cater the event. (50 people max)

We'll have some presentations about iNaturalists and lots of experts (like you all!) on hand to help with training to use iNaturalist for observations and identifications. The goal of the event is to introduce the residents of Bedford to the amazing living organisms that surround them, with the hope of developing people into naturalists.

There will be a City Nature Challenge ( hosted by iNaturalist during Earth Day weekend (April 25,26, 2020), and we'd like to register Westchester County to participate.

I'll be posting something weekly to lead up to our September event, including more details on schedule and attendees. But for now we wanted you all to SAVE THE DATE!

Murray (@swampchicken) & Filippine (@filippine)

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