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21 de novembro de 2020

Welcome to the Aurora Climate Garden urban biodiversity parade!

In March 2019 we were given the opportunity to convert a gravel parking lot into a green space for future community events, work and access. During our first year we documented a diverse range of local flora and fauna here in the heart of the VIII. District of downtown Budapest. It was so exciting to find such biodiversity that we think it important to make our observations public. We hope this will increase interest in the natural world and raise awareness of what is surviving and thriving in our urban environment, both for local residents and the world at large. We'd also like to make this a public repository of the species spotted as we remediate a degraded landscape so we might track our progress in some way.

If you've been to the garden and have a photo observation you'd like to include, simply sign up to iNaturalist and place mark it to within the garden grounds and it will automatically appear. Make sure the radius of your mark is less than 4 meters and none of it is outside the garden borders on the map.

[same in Hungarian majd]

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