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18 de janeiro de 2021

beatles% explanation

I know you're curious, so here's the taxa used for our calculations, formatted as
word mentioned in song/taxon used

Blue went through the songs to find the taxa. Amy chose representative taxa. @radak, our programmer, had a fun adventure trying to get the API query to play nice.
The list is probably not exhaustive and some of them are definitely open to interpretation.

Blackbird/Turdus merula
Blue jay/Cyanocitta cristata
Bullfrog/Lithobates catesbeianus
Coral/Scleractinia, Alcyonacea
Corn/Zea mays
Dog/Canis familiaris
Eagle, Kite/Accipitridae
Horse/Equus caballus
Many veiled references/Cannabis
Monkey/Simiiformes, excluding humans
Norwegian wood/Picea abies
Pig/Sus scrofa
Pilchards/Sardina pilchardus
Rice/Oryza sativa
Tangerines/ Citrus aurantium, Citrus deliciosa, Citrus clementina
Tiger/Panthera tigris
Wine/Vitis vinifera


and NOT

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Rankings Jan 10-16

Hi everyone!

Week two is over... how are you feeling? Have you learned something new this week? Please share :)

Remember, slow and steady -- this is a marathon, not a sprint. Take breaks, drink plenty of water, and stand up and stretch periodically. You can do it!

First of all, Total% ... what have we done together, in this short span of time?
This week, 67 people have made a total of 20,683 IDs!

Over the span of the entire competition, that's 56,525 IDs! Wow!


Note: we are counting the proportion of your weekly IDs to your pre-competition IDs. We've decided to do it this way, rather than as a cumulative count, to encourage you to form a regular/steady habit rather than binge-identifying.
Cumulative count will be provided at the end, and if you absolutely must know it now, you can calculate it yourself using information from the Resources post.

1st @natashataylor, 178%
2nd @philodendronjoe, 141%
3rd @abigstone, 138%
4th @troisha, 135.7%

10th @paulexcoff, 107.8%
20th @gheaton, 103.0%
30th @oliverc29, 100.85%

40th 100.45%
50th 100.11%
60th 100.02%

We have a new category this week, the one you previously voted on. It is "most IDs on observations 5 years old" aka added on or before December 31 2015.


  1. @ddubois2, 314
  2. @sedgequeen, 294
  3. @esummerbell and @natashataylor, 59
  4. @michaelpirrello, 53

And now, the grand reveal... what is Mystery% this week??
Beetles? Nope actually it is The Beatles! Tricked you! The following people have ID'd the most taxa mentioned in the lyrics of the British superstar band.*

  1. @mike_h, 628
  2. @philodendronjoe, 85
  3. @ddubois2, 58
  4. @kemper, 24

*for details on how we calculated this week's mystery% see next journal post.

The hint for next week's Mystery% is:
National Cherry Popsicle Day

If you are one of the top 4 in any of the three categories, you win a link to an adorable image of an organism of your choice. Multiple wins = multiple taxa. Send trh_blue a direct message to let her know your choice.
Since we are seeing repeat winners, any individual can only get four prizes total. We will give the prize to the next-ranking person in stead. You can and should be proud of yourself regardless!

To see complete rankings go here.
note: we still have to add old% for the week but we'll do it later because it's late already

One day at a time, don't fade out now! Six more weeks to go!

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16 de janeiro de 2021

Fun Trick with Search URLS

Do you have a favorite taxon? And you want to be sure to find every observation which might be that taxon?

Or maybe you can think of a taxon people are constantly miss-identifying? (Ugh.)

Introducing your new favorite tricks:

How to use them? I'll give an example.

  1. Go to identify and type in a taxon. Add any of your preferred settings and hit go. For this example I'll be using Asparagus setaceus, searching for both "needs ID" and "casual"

  2. Look at the URL of the page. Find the bit that says "&taxon_id=[number]" and carefully type in additional characters so that it instead reads "&ident_taxon_id=[number]" Now hit enter.
    Assuming you didn't make any typos, you should now be seeing more observations than before.* The new ones are observations where a disagreement has occurred, but at least one person thinks the observation belongs in the taxon you're searching.

  3. If you want to look at only observations where there is disagreement, alter the URL again to add an additional component, "&without_taxon_id=[yourtaxonnumberhere]" I find it easiest to add it to the end so that I am sure not to mess up anything in the middle. You should have just produced a URL containing both &ident_taxon_id=[number] and &without_taxon_id=[samenumber]

Neat! If you really want to dive into search URL tips and tricks, check out the forum guide:

This method also works great when tackling taxa from the list of Computer Vision Clean-Up:

*As long as observations with disagreements exist; they usually do!

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13 de janeiro de 2021

minor updates 2021-1-12

the Resources post has been considerably expanded.

yet to be added:
Identify links
links to Forum (etiquette etc)

please let me know what else you think should be added.

at least one person was accidentally dropped from the participant list. please check the master list to make sure your name is there!

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11 de janeiro de 2021

Rankings Jan 1-9

Hi everyone!

It's been a great first week (plus two days). Remember, slow and steady -- this is a marathon, not a race. Take breaks, drink plenty of water, and stand up and stretch periodically. You can do it!

First of all, Total% ... what have we done together, in this short span of time?
69 people have made a total of 35842 IDs!


1st @natashataylor , 208%
2nd @zdanko, 172%
3rd @amujcinovic , 150%
4th @troisha , 146%

10th @murphyslab , 117.4%
20th @ddubois2 , 105.8%
30th @ellendale , 101.849%

40th 100.71%
50th 100.37%
60th 100.07%

If you are one of the top 4 in this category, you win the right to tag me (trh_blue) as many times as you want in the next 24 hours and I won't complain. Congrats.

To see complete improve% rankings for this week (and each week) sorted by username go here.

I am still working on up-to-date trackers.

And now, the grand reveal... what is Mystery% this week??
Most withdrawn IDs
It's part of the learning process. I'm proud of you!

1st @zdanko, 144
2nd @philodendronjoe , 47
3rd @oxalismtp, 32
4th @alex_abair, 31

And to all of you, thank you for taking part! Seven more weeks to go!

The hint for next week's Mystery% is:
the beetles

Question for all of you: do you think mystery% should also have prizes?

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08 de janeiro de 2021

updates 2021-1-8

Hi all.

I'll be adding new links to Resources over the weekend, including an ongoing count of your IDs this year (sorted by date you joined iNat), useful Identify links, and more.

There are also some new answers in the FAQ.

The final category will be "old%", the greatest number of IDs on observations more than five years old -- ie, uploaded up to the last day of 2015.

Results and rankings for week one (Jan 1-9) will be posted on Sunday.

Stay safe

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03 de janeiro de 2021


This list will be updated with Identify links, places to check your progress, info on workshops, and more.

Master List of participants
Blue's profile -- main admin
Amy's profile -- co-admin
Even's profile -- co-admin
@radak's profile -- programmer

Identification Guides
slideshow: Identifying Unknowns for Beginners
iNat Getting Started guide
True Flies of the United States -- moderate challenge level


weekly full rankings -- all categories
this is updated manually, if something is missing let me know

How many IDs did I have before the competition started? (takes a minute to load)

tool created by @pisum (thanks)

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Q: How will my identifications be counted?
A: automatically! with help from the iNat API.
The project does not count your IDs, it's just for information and journal posts.

Q: why are the project's observations your cat?
A: the purpose of the project is for you to get journals relevant to the project. the observations within it are irrelevant, so I chose my cat because I adore him and why not share his fluffy majesty?

Q: who are the admins?
A: @trh_blue is the main person coordinating this effort, but feel free to send questions to @arboretum_amy as well. @edanko is also helping, but is rather busy ;)

Q: can you give me a hat/stickers/etc if I win?
A: I'm already volunteering a lot of time to this I'm not spending money lmao

Q: can you help me learn more about identifying?
A: yes! check the Forum for information on ID workshops, or you can send me a message.

Q: why did you choose not to use the project to count IDs?
A: There are a few reasons I didn't make the project's observations the ones you'd identify for the competition.
One, there are multiple categories, so I'd have to make several projects, splitting attention. Two, the project cannot differentiate the date IDs were added, only the observation date. Three, I don't want to put focus on volume of IDs, rather on individual self-improvement and collaboration, and having a leaderboard where people are ranked by number of IDs is counter to that ethos.

last updated 9am EST Jan 3 2020


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02 de janeiro de 2021

Voting on Additional Category

Hi. I'll be adding an additional category, starting on the second week of the competition.
These are not for mystery%, it will be a regular weekly category.

The approved potential categories are:

greatest % improving IDs at Kingdom/Phylum (rough approximation of your Unknowns activity)

most IDs on obs more than five years old

most IDs of taxa listed on the Forum as needing help to retrain Computer Vision

highest % leading IDs

highest % improving IDs

and you may also suggest a main category, mystery% category, or prize.

You can vote using this form.
Voting starts now and ends Jan. 8th.

I apologise for the delay, I was feeling unwell. Doing much better now :)


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31 de dezembro de 2020

Welcome to the 2021 Jan-Feb ID-a-thon!

Hello everyone!
The competition begins tomorrow. Remember, this is a marathon and not a race; the most important thing is to build up a daily habit, to have fun, and to learn along the way.

Rules were posted in the project journal.
Next post, coming soon, will include a link to vote on an additional category.
Links for relevant Identify pages / an explanation of the filters you can use to ensure your IDs will count towards your total will come later in a Helpful Resources journal post.

The first "week" will be from January 1st to January 9th inclusive, with results posted the following day (Sunday). Thereafter updates should be each Sunday.
That post will also include a link where you can see your "starting positions" for the primary competitive category, improve%.

Your hint for this week's mystery% is:
fail faster

ready, set, go :)


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