2019 Ontario Botanists' Big Year's Notícias

02 de dezembro de 2019

One month left and almost 200,000 observations

It's December 1st, which means there's just one month left to make and submit observations for the 2019 Big Year. Now is the time to challenge yourself to identify bryophytes and winter flora - even a dessicated stem of prairie grass counts towards the Big Year, as long as it's verifiable.

What's more exciting is that we are just 17 observations shy of 200,000! While we are still a month away from the final tally, this means that over 200,000 unique observations of plants will be made in Ontario in 2019. Can we possibly hit a quarter of a million? This is a fantastic contribution to our knowledge of Ontario's wild flora.

For those feeling competitive, I see four users who have already observed more than 1,000 species this year. That's more than anyone observed in 2018. I will stick to my word and give all users who observe more than 1,000 species a special plant-related prize.

Keep on botanizing, folks. You'll be hearing from me again in the new year.

-Will V

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15 de janeiro de 2019

RULES - Ontario Botanists' Big Year 2019

For those joining the project for the first time, the Big Year rules are as follows:

1. All observations must be from within the province of Ontario
2. Observations must be made between January 1 and December 31, 2019
3. Observations must have a photo
4. Observations must be of WILD plants. This is always a contentious one. "Wild" means that a) the organism was not deliberately planted by humans and b) the organism is clearly established and reproducing independently of human intervention. Yes, there is some grey area (what to do about plants introduced outside of their native range as part of "restoration" projects?), but in general, make an effort to observe plants that form part of the natural ecosystem, which can include non-native species.
5. Observations must be submitted before midnight on December 31, 2019, to count towards the competitive stats. For those not feeling competitive, the project will always be open and you can contribute observations indefinitely.

Have a great year of botanizing!

-Will V

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06 de janeiro de 2019

Invitation to the 2019 Ontario Botanists' Big Year

Hi Everyone,

I'm still getting used to iNat's new project format and I don't see an option to invite users to the project. So tell your friends, spread it around!

@pwdeacon @gwynethgovers @owenclarkin @wjcrins @jem9red @bkorol @bkinder832 @rroutledge @birds_bugs_botany @cmcheatle

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