PSYLLOIDEA OF MEXICO Part 1: A checklist of species

The jumping plant lice of Mexico are relatively poorly known. In his monograph of Psylloidea of the new world, Crawford (1914) described less than 20 species from Mexico, and three decades later the knowledge of Mexican Psylloidea had barely advanced with Caldwell's preliminary list of Mexican species (1941) including just under 40 species. The next few years would see a bit of activity, with Tuthill describing 19 new Mexican species and Caldwell another 25 in the period from 1941-1945. By 1996, 116 species were recorded from the country (Yang & Miller 1996). This was the last major checklist for the region, and very few new species have been described since then.

I report here 137 species, an increase of 21 species from Yang & Miller's list. Some of these represent recent foreign introductions such as the Australian Red Gum Lerp Psyllid (Glycaspis brimblecombei), some represent recently described endemic species, and others represent new Mexican records of species previously known from the USA or elsewhere supported by iNaturalist data but not officially documented elsewhere. At least one species, Kuwayama longipennis Tuthill 1945, was absent from Yang & Miller's list despite being described from Mexico decades earlier. Additionally, the taxonomy of Psylloidea has changed significantly in the past several decades and this new checklist reflects those changes.

I estimate the number of species reported is probably less than half of the true diversity present in the country and future study should greatly increase this number. Many species reported from Southern Arizona and Texas in particular are likely to occur in parts of Northern Mexico, several Guatemalan species are expected in Southern Mexico, and undoubtedly many undescribed species occur throughout the country. Species expected from the country but not recorded are not included, but a single undescribed species is included on this list.

Much work must be done to fully understand the Mexican species. Unfortunately, many of the species of the region are poorly described (especially Caldwell's species), and several species are currently placed in incorrect genera. Despite this, in the upcoming parts of this series I will attempt to relay the current knowledge regarding the Mexican species with the hopes of advancing the understanding of Mexican Psylloidea in addition to promoting an interest in the species from the country.

ᵃ = Species not listed in Yang & Mitter's (1996) checklist
ᵇ = Species not native to Mexico




ᵃAphalara ortegae Burckhardt, Cort & Queiroz, 2020
ᵃAphalara persicaria Caldwell, 1937
Aphalara simila Caldwell, 1937
Craspedolepta caudata (Crawford, 1914)
Craspedolepta numerica (Caldwell, 1941)
Craspedolepta nupera (Van Duzee, 1923)
Craspedolepta veaziei (Patch, 1911)
Hodkinsonia montana (Brown & Hodkinson, 1988)


ᵇBlastopsylla occidentalis Taylor, 1985
ᵃᵇCtenarytaina eucalypti (Maskell, 1890)
ᵃᵇCtenarytaina spatulata Taylor, 1997
ᵃᵇGlycaspis brimblecombei Moore, 1964


Syncoptozus mexicanus Hodkinson, 1990


ᵃPseudophacopteron sp. n.


Ameroscena mexicana Burckhardt & Lauterer, 1989


Calophya dicksoni Jensen, 1957
ᵃᵇCalophya schini Tuthill, 1959
ᵃCalophya spondiadis Burckhardt & Mendez, 2016



Epicarsa corniculata Crawford, 1911
Paracarsidara dugesii (Löw, 1886)
Paracarsidara gigantea (Crawford, 1911)
Paracarsidara mexicana (Crawford, 1911)


Synoza floccosa Ferris, 1928
Synoza pulchra Laing, 1923


ᵃPachypsylla celtidisasterisca Riley, 1890
ᵃPachypsylla celtidismamma (Riley, 1875)
ᵃPachypsylla pallida Patch, 1912
Pachypsylla tropicala Caldwell, 1944
ᵃPachypsylla venusta (Osten-Sacken, 1861)
Tetragonocephala flava Crawford, 1914



ᵃᵇEuphyllura olivina (Costa, 1839) (tentatively listed based on iNaturalist observation)


Diclidophlebia tuxtlaensis (Conconi, 1972)
ᵃLivia caricis Crawford, 1914
Livia mexicana Caldwell, 1944


Neophyllura mexicana (Jensen, 1952)


Mastigimas ernstii (Schwarz, 1899)
Mastigimas schwarzi (Tuthill, 1945)



ᵇAcizzia uncatoides (Ferris & Klyver, 1932)


Aphalaroida inermis Crawford, 1914
Aphalaroida lysilomae Hodkinson, 1991
Aphalaroida pithecolobia Crawford, 1914
Aphalaroida rauca Hodkinson, 1991
Freysuila dugesii Aleman, 1887


Caradocia delongi Caldwell, 1944
Euceropsylla minuticona (Crawford, 1914)
Euceropsylla orizabensis (Crawford, 1914)
Heteropsylla aurantiaca Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla boquetensis (Brown & Hodkinson, 1988)
Heteropsylla clavata Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla crawfordi Enderlein, 1918
Heteropsylla cubana Crawford, 1914
Heteropsylla didubiata Caldwell, 1944
Heteropsylla flexuosa Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla forcipata Crawford, 1914
Heteropsylla fusca Crawford, 1914
Heteropsylla huasachae Caldwell, 1941
Heteropsylla intermedia Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla mexicana Crawford, 1914
Heteropsylla mimosae Crawford, 1914
Heteropsylla muricata Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla nebulosa Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla propinqua Muddiman, Hodkinson & Hollis, 1992
Heteropsylla texana Crawford, 1914
Mitrapsylla albalineata Crawford, 1914
ᵃMitrapsylla cf. surinamensis (Šulc, 1914)
Mitrapsylla cubana Crawford, 1914
Mitrapsylla deserata Caldwell, 1944
Telmapsylla lagunculariae (Brown & Hodkinson, 1988)


ᵃᵇDiaphorina citri Kuwayama, 1908


Katacephala arcuata Crawford, 1914
Katacephala cinctata Hodkinson, 1991
Katacephala grandiceps Crawford, 1914


Apsyllopsis mexicana (Crawford, 1914)
Euphalerus fasciatus Laing, 1923
Euphalerus gallicolus Ferris, 1928
Euphalerus nidifex Schwarz, 1904


Platycorypha amabilis (Caldwell, 1947)
Platycorypha magnifrons (Crawford, 1914)
Platycorypha princeps Tuthill, 1945


Cacopsylla "americana" (Crawford, 1914) (complex of species, no way to know what this record refers to)
"Cacopsylla" nana (Tuthill, 1938) (I suggest this species properly belongs in Purshivora)

Psyllidae incertae sedis

"Arytaina" virgina Caldwell, 1944 (impossible to know what genus this species should be referred to)
"Psylla" minutiforma Caldwell, 1944 (male genitalia suggests Amorphicola)


Bactericera antennata (Crawford, 1910)
Bactericera bifurca (Tuthill, 1944)
Bactericera cockerelli (Šulc, 1909)
Bactericera dubia (Tuthill, 1943)
Bactericera maculipennis (Crawford, 1910)
Bactericera minuta (Crawford, 1910)
Bactericera rubra (Tuthill, 1939)
Baeoalitriozus diospyri (Ashmead, 1881)
Calinda collaris (Crawford, 1910)
ᵃCalinda graciliforceps Olivares & Burckhardt, 1997
ᵃCalinda longicaudata Olivares & Burckhardt, 1997
Calinda proximata (Crawford, 1911)
Ceropsylla sideroxyli Riley, 1885
Kuwayama elongagena (Caldwell, 1941)
Kuwayama hyalina Caldwell, 1944
Kuwayama lateralis Caldwell, 1944
ᵃKuwayama longipennis Tuthill 1945
Kuwayama medicaginis (Crawford, 1910)
Kuwayama mexicana Caldwell, 1944
Kuwayama oaxacenis (Crawford, 1911)
Kuwayama plummeri (Caldwell, 1944)
Kuwayama striata Caldwell, 1944
Leuronota inusitata (Tuthill, 1944)
Leuronota maculata (Crawford, 1910)
Leuronota maritima Tuthill, 1944
Leuronota michoacana Ferris, 1928
Trichochermes magna (Laing, 1923)
ᵃᵇTrioza adventicia Tuthill, 1952 (tentatively listed based on iNaturalist observation)
ᵃTrioza aguacate Hollis & Martin, 1997
Trioza albifrons Crawford, 1910
Trioza anceps Tuthill, 1944
Trioza apartata Caldwell, 1944
Trioza bella Tuthill, 1944
Trioza dampfi Tuthill, 1944
Trioza discrepans (Tuthill, 1945)
Trioza epiphitatae Caldwell, 1944
Trioza grandipennis Tuthill, 1944
Trioza hildagoensis Caldwell, 1944
Trioza incidata Tuthill, 1945
Trioza longigenae Tuthill, 1945
Trioza magnoliae (Ashmead, 1881)
Trioza mexicana Crawford, 1911
Trioza nigriconus Tuthill, 1944
Trioza nigriscutum Tuthill, 1945
Trioza psyllihabitus Tuthill, 1945
Trioza pulchra (Tuthill, 1945)
Trioza rhinosa Caldwell, 1944
Trioza rugosata Caldwell, 1944
Trioza russellae Tuthill, 1944
Trioza stroma Caldwell, 1944
Trioza thoracica Caldwell, 1941
Trioza zogoda Caldwell, 1944
Triozoida formiciformis (Caldwell, 1944)
Triozoida limbata (Enderlein, 1918)
Triozoida prima (Tuthill, 1945)

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