Home stretch! It's week four of the Great Lakes BioBlitz!

We are seeing some great observations capturing local biodiversity, which is fantastic. But apart from that being the point of this event, we hope seeking out and submitting biodiversity photos has also been as much fun for you as it has for us! In fact, we've been having such a good time that we can't believe it's our last week of the Great Lakes BioBlitz already? Can you?!?

For week four we've saved some really good challenges. We think they may be the most challenging yet, but are confident you all can rise to meet them!

Terrestrial Challenge
Week 4: Photograph something that grows in the wild and bears fruit.

Aquatic Challenges
Week 4: Photograph an aquatic ectotherm (an ectotherm is an animal that cannot create its own body heat) but is not a fish.

Good luck in week four! We are excited to see what you find!

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