North section part two - 01/15/2022

Saturday, 9:10-10:30 no live newts, 249 dead newts!!
I walked with Robin and Jim!
Weather: a bit cold, then nice.
Coverage: from the large parking lot in the middle of the road, to the boat club, and then back to the stop sign and back, coving the second half of the north section I missed the day before.
Newts: we documented 249 dead newts, at least 9 of them juveniles.
Other roadkills: Tylobolus millipedes, centipedes, moth, glowworm.
Traffic: 6 cars (Midpen, county parks), 1 truck, 8 bikes, 5 pedestrians, 5 parked cars in the far parking lot (a new record?) - 3 of them belonged to us...
My observations of the day -
Robin's -
Jim's -

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