Blacklighting at LLELA! October 21

Hey all!

On Thursday, October 21, we'll do some black-lighting at LLELA. We'll be by the greenhouse with a whole slew of black-lighting stations!

Here's the exact GPS: 33.06272635238685, -96.98885902094148
It'll be off of the Jones St. entrance -- basically the first right that you can take as you get into LLELA.

You do not have to be a master naturalist to join this event! It is one of the pre-conference field trips for the Texas Master Naturalists, but any and all can come to this without any sort of registration.

LLELA is a great place for mothing/black-lighting. Here are the moths that have been documented at LLELA so far:,47654

Hope to see you there! :) Let me know if you've got any questions or concerns.


Publicado por sambiology sambiology, 15 de outubro de 2021, 06:13 PM


Thanks for the heads up! Can't make this one.

Publicado por tadamcochran 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thanks for the tag. I hope to make this one. Is it okay to arrive around 6;30 pm?

Publicado por lovebirder 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Someone from Texas oughta explain to the other states what LLELA is, first ;)

Publicado por silversea_starsong 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I will be there. Can't wait. Can I bring my cloth, blacklight, and battery?

Publicado por jsuplick 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I think it’s a Clapton song James :)
can’t make it unfortunately :(

Publicado por catenatus 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

This mothling will be there, bringing my setup.

Publicado por annikaml 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

mmmm if it wasn't so last minute, maybe I'd plan an impulse Texas trip. But that might be happening at the end of the month instead.

Publicado por silversea_starsong 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

@saltyhiker Wanna go?

Publicado por abadoo 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I will try to come for a little while at least. But 6:30 about earliest I imagine I could get there.

Publicado por brentano 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

What time will the festivities start? Friday is a work day so I can't be out there until midnight but I'll definitely plan on coming!

Publicado por jblinde 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I've been to llela dozens of times this past summer for a research project and I've seen tons of moths flying around at night. I'd love to come help out but unfortunately I'll be out of town. Next time hopefully!

Publicado por chandlerdavis 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

LLELA Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Publicado por lovebirder 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Another event I might be interested in… while traveling for work. Maybe next time…

Publicado por jaquiring 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Henry and I will be there. Should we bring a sheet?

Publicado por judyaschner 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I am so excited - I am off and will be there!

Publicado por lulubelle 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

@sambiology, what time does it start?!

Publicado por lulubelle 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thanks for the invite, Sam. I'm afraid we won't be able to make this one.

Publicado por rehb 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

So glad that some folks will be there, and if you're not able to make it, we'll miss you! :) No frets -- more of these black-lighting events will come again in the future. :)

So, you can kinda show up whenever you'd like to LLELA -- I'll probably get there at around 6 or so. If you've got a set up, please bring it! I'll bring all of my gear though, so don't feel any obligation to bring yours. I'll probably stay out there until like 10 or so. It may be a little chilly, so some of the bugs may not be there. We'll see!

Again, the location will be around the greenhouse, not far from the entrance off of Jones Road.

Just in case, toss my cell in your contacts: 214 215 5605

Publicado por sambiology 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thanks for the invite! As always, I would love to go, but doesn't look like it'll be possible for me right now. Have fun!

Publicado por elytrid 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I can make it! I'd love to try out a new metal halide bulb. =)))))

Publicado por k8thegr8 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

@gwaithir @jimenavivanco @j_ashman @kaitlynnnn @haleydaniels @jgoralczyk1 @devinpedraza
I will be bringing three set-ups and perhaps a small gaggle of UNT SER students:) Planning on being there at 6pm.

Publicado por baxter-slye 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

I'm out for this one, y'all have a ton of fun!

Publicado por gwaithir 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Turns out Henry and I will not be able to attend tonight.
Life responsibilities get in the way of fun sometimes. :(

Publicado por judyaschner 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, already booked this evening.

Publicado por joel_p_ashman 12 meses antes (Sinalizar)

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