Congratulations to the Winners of the NANPA Bioblitz

BioBlitz Prize Winners Announced

Samuel Ray won the random grand prize drawing for a 100-400 mm Di lens for DSLR from Tamron and a Ground Plamp from Wimberley, Barbara Saffir won Visa gift cards and multiple accessories from Wimberley for the Most Observations and Most Unique Species Observed, and Gouri Prakash won a Visa gift card, Wimberley Plamp and Plamp Stake for second place in the Most Unique Species Observed category. Cathryn Hoyt received a Judges' Choice Award for her photo of the vulnerable Dury's Metalmark.

Thanks to all of the observers who contributed over 9,000 observations of over 3,000 different species, including over 90 species considered threatened, from all across the US and Canada.

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A small correction on the total number of observations for the Bioblitz, it was over 8,700 not over 9.000.

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