Contributing Observations from Your Property to the LfW Project - Tips and Tricks

Welcome to all our new members! It's great to see so many new observations and many that are reaching research grade! As the weather warms up we are likely to see more movement of wildlife through the landscape - a fantastic opportunity to record new species on your property.

To help you with your observations and to make sure you have a chance to win in our competition that runs until the end of October, we’ve put together a few tips…

  1. One species per observation (with multiple photos of that species)
  2. Take a range of photos from different angles for each observation e.g. for plants – take photos of flowers, fruit, leaves (top and underside), leaf arrangement, full plant, hairs, prickles, trunk etc.
  3. If there is something unique or different that stands out to you that can’t be captured in a photo, pop a note in your observation e.g. smells like mint, located on a stream bank, flying backwards(!)
  4. Finally…remember to check the observation is on your property and your location is obscured (for your privacy) and don’t forget to manually add your observation to our project before you hit submit to be in the draw to win!

Here are some very helpful tips in the iNaturalist ‘Getting Started’ guide as well as some handy video tutorials:

If you are still having trouble, you can also get in touch with Alan or Kylie.

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