it's been 400 days, 6700+ observations of 2000+ species

...since I saw my last earwig. Weird. In the same time span there have been 6500 observations of earwigs worldwide on iNat from over 4500 observers. I remember I used to see earwigs almost daily back when I was living in California.

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I am supposed to be working on my photos. Now all I can think about are EARWIGS!!!!

Is that because they like damp climates and vegetation? Is it that they are non-native and therefor more heavily in area where their distribution would be where human populations are greater? I looked at a map of observations. Are there fewer observers in that part of the country? Hmmmm.... what are your theories?

Just looked in BugGuide: "An important habitat in the deserts of the southwest US is inside rotting cactus- one of the few places with constant moisture even in the driest parts of the year."

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True, there is the species on rotting cactus which I did find last year, but havn't seen since (admittedly, I don't usually poke around rotting cactus). I think the factors you mentioned may definitely play a role - perhaps too arid here for many non-specialist species to establish themselves? But in the mountains, where I spend most of my time, I havn't seen one yet. Maybe I'm not looking in the right kind of microhabitat?

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I can't find a record of any Dermaptera being found in the Santa Catalina mountains (above the foothills), here, on bug guide, or anywhere else online.

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It's strange, I have spent so much time in the Catalinas this year and I would have expected to come across at least one by now, but it's one of the few remaining major insect orders I have yet to see in that range (I have also never seen a silverfish above the foothills)

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Earwig drought over! Shore earwig from last night at Gordon Hirabayashi campground in the Catalinas, about 5000 feet:

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