Praying Mantises on the Loose!

Boulder County’s historic Walker Ranch homestead was the site of this year’s historic preservation Youth Corps team project. Every year Youth Corps members work on numerous county projects that help staff complete the busy summer work load. On June 26, a team leader found a small brown/tan cocoon object attached to the bottom of an old piece of barn wood that was going to be thrown out. It was identified by another member as a praying mantis egg case.

Not wanting to damage the case, and crossing their fingers for a cool educational moment, the egg case was gently set aside to keep it out of the work area and risk being damaged. Minutes after it was set down in the shade, it started to wiggle to life.

Nearly all at once 60 to 80 mantises emerged from the case and headed off in all directions. Photos were taken by iNaturalist photographer Mike Lohr and submitted to the Boulder County Wildlife project on iNaturalist for all to see!

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