City Nature Challenge 2019 begins in 150+ cities around the world!

Guest post by City Nature Challenge co-organizers Lila Higgins (@lhiggins) from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and Alison Young (@kestrel) from the California Academy of Sciences

It’s early morning in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the City Nature Challenge began in 2016, but it’s midnight in Christchurch, New Zealand where the first city begins the challenge this year on Friday, April 26. From now until 11:59 pm in Maui, Hawaii on Monday, April 29, people will be out in almost 160 cities documenting their local biodiversity.

Observations must be made between April 26 and 29, but can still be uploaded and identified until 9 am local time on Monday, May 6. The final tally from each project will be recorded at that time with the complete results announced later on Monday, May 6 after the tally is made in Maui. During the challenge and beyond, you can watch the dynamic leaderboard on the City Nature Challenge umbrella project to see how the cities rank and easily click through to individual city projects.

If you want to read more about the origin and past results of the City Nature Challenge, check out:
-Last year’s blog post
-The official City Nature Challenge website
-City Nature Challenge projects from 2016, 2017, and 2018.

If your city is part of the challenge this year - good luck and have a great time! Even if your city is not participating in this year’s challenge, we hope you have a chance to get outside and document your own local nature as part of this global event celebrating biodiversity in and around urban areas. The more we know about biodiversity in cities, the better we can plan for cities of the future that work for humans and wildlife. And if you’re interested in organizing the City Nature Challenge in your city in 2020, please sign up here.

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