City Nature Challenge 2018 Results!!

This year's City Nature Challenge was AMAZING! Almost 70 cities around the world, all mobilizing their residents and visitors to go out and find and document their local nature. The energy and enthusiasm for the City Nature Challenge was once again amazing- watching hundreds of thousands of observations flow in from around the world was truly inspiring. Our collective impact was obvious and incredible - we also gave iNaturalist its biggest 4 days in a row EVER!

Here are the results of the City Nature Challenge (as of 9:00 a.m., May 4 in each city’s time zone):
All 68 cities together:
Observations: 441,888
People: 17,329

All 63 cities using iNaturalist:
Observations: 423,845
Species: 18,116
People: 16,544

We also made 4,075 Research Grade observations of 599 rare, endangered, and threatened species globally, and added over 100 new species that had not previously been recorded on iNaturalist EVER!

Congratulations to our top five observers, species-finders, and identifiers across ALL the City Nature Challenge cities:
Observers: @krentan, @thary, @danielatha, @affan1990, @ecologist
Species-finders: @anewman, @rcurtis, @finatic, @nanofishology, @sambiology
Identifiers: @jrebman, @srall, @pihlaviita, @connlindajo, @sambiology
Big shout out to @jrebman for making over 10,000 identification!!

This year it was a sweep, with the San Francisco Bay Area winning in all three categories.
Most observations: 41,737
Most species found: 3,211
Most participants: 1,532

Here's the top five in each category:

San Francisco Bay Area: 41,737
Dallas/Fort Worth Area: 34,218
San Diego County: 33,448
Klang Valley / Greater Kuala Lumpur: 25,287
Washington- D.C. Metro Area: 22,800

San Francisco Bay Area: 3,211
Houston Area: 3,088
San Diego County: 2,946
Hong Kong SAR: 2,932
Dallas/Fort Worth Area: 2,560

San Francisco Bay Area: 1,532
San Diego County: 1,211
Boston: 992
Washington- D.C. Metro Area: 872
Los Angeles County: 855

...and some more results...
City with highest percentage of verifiable (has evidence of the organism and is not marked captive or cultivated) observations: Tulsa, Oklahoma with 98.9%
City with highest percentage of verifiable observations making it to Research Grade: Cádiz, Spain with 70.5%
City that added the most new species to their region on iNaturalist through the City Nature Challenge: Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley), Malaysia with 1392 new species documented on iNaturalist
City that added the most new iNaturalist participants to their region through the City Nature Challenge: San Diego, California with 733 new observers added during the City Nature Challenge

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the City Nature Challenge this year! And stay tuned for next year, when the City Nature Challenge hopefully makes it to all seven continents--anyone got friends in Africa or Oceania who want to organize in 2019?

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Congrats to everyone who took part!

It was really heart-warming to get to be a part of all these communities coming together and inspiring folks to opt-outside and appreciate nature.

Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome experience!

Here's to next year,

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This was indeed a great and amazing experience, we never had such an event like this here in Mexico, and we are now trying to bring more people in to nature observation!
Thanks to all of you wh made this posible!

We will see you around!


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It was lots of fun, and it helped me show my Biology students that learning the names of organisms still has relevance in this age of internet searches.

Publicado por rozzychan cerca de 6 anos antes

thanks for that lovely summary! I enjoyed participating and am very pleased with your goals and the thinking which has made this venture come to life.

Publicado por amargoza cerca de 6 anos antes

Indeed it is heart warming to be part of this global activity, but the best part is how people smile when they get to know wildlife at their doorstep (literally) and take a renewed interest in nature

Publicado por jgvelasco cerca de 6 anos antes

Sigh, I didn't realize I needed to add my observations for the City Nature Challenge to the project. I went crazy observing everything that weekend, but I stupidly thought the observations would automatically go into the project. Sorry. Looks like SF Bay Area won regardless - congratulations!!

Publicado por lenaz cerca de 6 anos antes

Is this challenge still in force?
My city is not in the list,
How can I include my city?

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Right now meeting are being held for new cities to join:
If you did not attend one of our calls, we recorded the third call yesterday.
Please listen to the call here:
And follow along with the agenda here:
This is key to understanding the responsibilities and expectations of being a local organizer.

Read over the Organizer Guidelines:
This outlines what we're asking organizers to agree to in being part of the City Nature Challenge.

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