What haven't we found yet?

We're doing a great job, SF Bay Area! Squarely in the lead for observations, species, and people. I personally think finding lots of different species is pretty rewarding, and it's how we can measure the "most biodiverse" city in the City Nature Challenge.

It's easy to see the species we have found, but what are we missing that we could potentially go find? Are you up for a treasure hunt? :) If so, I recommend the "compare" tool! These links are comparing species found in the SF Bay Area ever in April & May, versus the species we have found so far in the 2018 City Nature Challenge. You can see which "low hanging fruit" species are still out there to find!

Butterflies & Moths
Dragonflies & Damselflies
Ants, Bees, Wasps, & Sawflies


Asterales: Sunflowers and allies
Apiales: Carrots and allies
Boraginales: Borages and allies
Brassicales: Mustards and allies
Caryophyllales: Pinks, Cacti, and allies
Ericales: Heathers and allies
Fabales: Legumes and allies
Fagales: Oaks/birches/etc
Lamiales: Mints and allies
Malvales: Checkerblooms/mallows/rock-roses/etc
Ranunculales: Buttercups, Poppies, and allies
Rosales: Roses and allies
Sapindales: Maples, Mangos, Mahogany, Citrus, and allies
Saxifragales: Saxifrages and allies
Solanales: Nightshades, Bindweeds, Gooseweeds, and allies

If there are other taxa you're interested in that are not in this list, all you have to do is change the "taxon id" in both strings of the comparison. You can find the taxon id by doing a search for the taxon you're interested in on the "Observations" page and the taxon id will show up in the url! **Please note: you can only compare 500 species at once, so be sure to pick a taxonomic level that represents 500 species or less in the SF Bay Area. "Plants" won't work, but "Asteraceae" will.

Posted on 29 de abril de 2018, 01:38 AM by kestrel kestrel


Ascomycota - not sure how to "change the "taxon id" in both strings of the comparison"

Publicado por metsa mais de 5 anos antes

@metsa Here's Ascomycota!

Publicado por kestrel mais de 5 anos antes

Thanks for this! Very helpful re. the birds AND the lichens!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon mais de 5 anos antes

This is a really cool tool.

Publicado por muir mais de 5 anos antes

@muir you can thank @kueda for it! :)

Publicado por kestrel mais de 5 anos antes

Not missing category for fish? Is it just all? Lol.

Publicado por vermfly mais de 5 anos antes

You can search for fish too, just change the taxon id in the two search strings. I couldn't do links for everything! :)

Publicado por kestrel mais de 5 anos antes

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