2017 Texas Pollinator Bioblitz

@greglasley @sambiology @gcwarbler @suz @connlindajo did you guys know this was going on? I expected to see some of you on the Leaderboard...


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I've seen promotions about it on Facebook, but I haven't been out in nature. Thanks for the reminder.

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Yeah, it's kind of an interesting project that I'm not sure that I understand -- lots and lots of those observations aren't pollinators, and I'm not sure how they're being added to the project. I'll add some to participate though. :)

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I think because it was advertised on Facebook that lots of people who aren't familiar with iNat, or even what a pollinator is, are participating. They invited people primarily to share on Instagram and Facebook, and then mentioned something like if you really want to get serious, you can even add your photos to iNat. I think Harvey, and maybe the mosquito spraying afterwards, has affected our pollinators here. I haven't seen as many this year.

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