"Unnatural Community" tracking update and list

Hi all!

Because 'unnatural' communities intergrade with natural ones, I was thinking for now we can just use the 'Natural Community' text field to track these for now. Later we can create another field if it seems helpful.

I'm going to start compiling a list of these along with links to the queries. If you use the field to add one, please post a comment or send me a message so I can add it to this list. (I should do the same for 'natural communities' too! but in a different post). I will also edit the description of the field when I figure out how - when they changed the observation page they also seem to have removed the ability to do that? Also does anyone know how to embed a link? A Href seems disabled.

Since I am short on time now I will start with just a few, with more to come. @Jogarton has compiled another list of ones she will be using. See links below. These don't filter by place but you may choose to filter further by a state, or by a taxa (plants only?) etc.


Lawn - includes mowed lawns in yards, playgrounds, etc

Indoors - mostly for animals that live or find their way inside like spiers, etc.

Human-Created Open Field

Human-Created Wetland Field - cleared field that is in a wetland



Roadside: Paved

Roadside: Unpaved

Sand or Gravel Pit

Stormwater Pond (used for the sort that are meant to hold water, not rain garden types)

Trail - for plants obviously growing in the trail and influenced more by trail disturbance than surrounding natural communities.

More to come!

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I'm thinking that Human Ecosystem would be a better name. We aren't unnatural. We evolved on this planet, just like the other species. But cool project. I like it!

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well, i am using the 'natural communities' field to track them so i guess that is in fitting with this. I'm not sure i like human ecosystem either, because there are more to them than humans, and because humans influence every other ecosystem here too. But yeah... I live in a place with cold winters so haven't been doing much with it but will again this Spring, feel ree to use it too, and if you come up with other categories that work for your area let me know!

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The New York State Natural Heritage Program has an excellent classification system for the ecological communities of New York State. https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/ecocomm2014.pdf

The entire state is divided into seven systems (Marine, Estuarine, Lacustrine, etc..) and each system has a number of subsystems. Anthropogenic habitats within each system are called "Cultural" and include such habitats as "road", "ditch", "impounded marsh", "dredge spoil", etc.. It's a beautiful system and allows for the classification of every part of the state. The classification is so intelligent because it recognizes that even anthropogenic habitats occur within certain ecological systems and may have both natural and human influenced qualities.

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yeah, i just ended up tracking these within the 'natural community' field as obviously unnatural stuff because otherwise it was too hard to keep track of the two fields. Our NHI doesn't have a classification for human disturbed areas but, i have kind of made one up for wetlands as I go.

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