Trying to keep Prairie grass in Arcadia Trail Park

Yesterday morning naturenut came upon an older man pulling ragweed out from the Nature Study in Arcadia Park. He lives across from the Preservation Prairie Grass Field. He has been doing this for a couple of years, now that the Giant ragweed is getting out of control.
So, she helped him pull ragweed. He said the last three years it has really become very thick and it is choking all the flowers out and the Natural Prairie Grass, along with Milk Weed plants, Snow on the Prairie plants, Bee Balm, Ironweed and many others. We told him we know all about it. We have been trying to get this area under control since it started growing. When mowing takes place, we have noticed more of the Ragweed that grows. I am not sure if it is because the mower deck spreads it around more or if it may even be brought in from other parks still on the underside of the mower deck. I am sure the birds that eat the seeds do not help this situation.
Today, naturenut and I, along with two young men who volunteered as they were walking by, pulled quite a bit of the ragweed out. We worked in an area and kept at it. Now, you can at least look into the field and see what is beyond all that tall and thick jungle of Giant Ragweed. We found some beauty. The North end of this park has become so overgrown with ragweed. Yes, I know insects like it and it may choke out other invasive plants, yet, it also is choking out the Prairie grass that was once plentiful in this little field of heaven. We have wood signs that were hand made and letters carved into them throughout this area explaining how this Prairie Grass Field was once part of a bigger Prairie Grass land. I was told a woman who also cared about this Prairie Grass was the one who had them made in the past. I would truly be sad if this area that is getting overgrown becomes a soccer field or baseball field, due to the fact, once this field is solid Ragweed, It will be of no use to the city as a need to be maintained anymore. Blue Birds love this Field, they live in the Bird houses that were put in, in the past. We have such a diverse amount of insects, bigger animals, reptiles and many others that frequent this field. We have worked with the City this year and PID 6 and they have been kind in letting us have some "NO Mow Areas" for the flowers to grow for all wild life to enjoy. We need to preserve what was given to us and to keep it safe for future generations to enjoy. ✌🏻

Posted on 11 de agosto de 2017, 10:28 PM by walkingstick2 walkingstick2


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