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I grew up collecting rocks everywhere I went. I camped in Arkansas with my family. I fished with my grandfather. I played in the woods and built forts out of fallen tree limbs. I felt an affinity to wolves, dolphins and tigers. I couldn't help but get emotional when "Bambi" was shot by one of my uncles when they hunted... and don't even get me started on movies that involve animals.

I started becoming more curious about birds after seeing a raptor show at the Texas State Fair. I started my own garden, began composting and went organic after my dog lost her life due to cancer and I assumed it was due to the chemicals we sprayed in the yard. I went back to my home state of Louisiana and gained a new perspective on the Piney Woods I grew up in.

Now studying the Texas Master Naturalist program in the Elm Fork Chapter. My family and I still camp, fish and I've turned the corner on understanding hunting. But only for food. Still caring for the animals, the plants, the earth but with a much broader perspective.

Always learning. Always observing.

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