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I am an Electronics Engineer by profession. But my passion has been traveling and being outdoors closer to nature. I have traveled around India extensively and spent time observing the plants, wildlife and the landscapes. I relocated to Texas towards the end of 2014. My interest is to learn more about nature and develop a sense of belonging and appreciation.

There are three things I cherish to be my most valued nature related memories from childhood. First, cycling with my father through the grasslands to his water pumping station and camping overnight during my summer vacations. Second, getting fascinated by sixth grade geology and burying a piece of charcoal under a tree to make diamond! Finally, the various concoctions my grand mother used to make from local plants to cure common diseases. Each of these have had a profound impact on me and I am beginning to rediscover the joy in them. All of my current interests have been seeded by those childhood experiences.

I am thankful to all my mentors and friends in India who rekindled the sense of curiosity and appreciation for nature in 2014. My current interests are, native plants, birds, mushrooms and geology.

I want to use iNaturalist to maintain my observations from India and now in the US. Do help me with the identification on my observations. And if you know any interesting stories involving the particular species kindly share them. I love stories!

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