I. Slaton

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"Be careful what you step on!"

Feel free to message me if you want to use any of my photos.
You can also tag me any time to ask for an ID, opinion, or clarification on something.
Also, please check out my projects and join them if you're interested!

• amateur botanist and plant lover
• 21 y/o, born and raised in the Ridge & Valley of Alabama
• Currently living in the Weisner Ridges district
• Possibly ADHD and autistic

• I'm a generalist, mostly interested in native vascular plants and native ecosystems (and in particular, native grasslands)
• Also passionate about foraging, growing, and learning from local plants
• I love meeting new people who are passionate about plants like me
• Plant native! Kill your lawn!

(my profile picture is a meme of Monika from DDLC. the original artist is u/FlashlightMemelord)

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