Olivia R. Myers

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Hello! :) Thanks for visiting my profile.
I'm a 28 year old amateur naturalist who enjoys studying plants, bugs, fungi and other things in nature in my spare time. Exploring the Ozarks and other areas near where I live is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy making friends with similar intellectual interests to go on hikes with so we can learn together. During my time in college I've studied some botany, ecology and environmental conservation; however, my major is geology with a focus in geochemistry and environmental geology. One of my goals is to help find ways to mitigate damage to the environment and its vulnerable ecosystems from development and resource extraction to preserve their biodiversity. I love learning any new information that enriches my understanding of the natural world, so I appreciate it when others share their knowledge with me. On a side note, I'm particularly fascinated by mimicry in organisms.

P.S. I am willing to do volunteer field research & data collection around my local area for projects and studies.

Don't hesitate to send me a message about anything. I promise I'll reply as soon as I can.

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