Nate Martineau

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I am an expert on the flora of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, particularly the western Upper Peninsula. I spent the past three years doing botanical work in northern Wisconsin, but I am currently working in public schools in Madison, Wisconsin and quickly learning the flora of the Driftless Area. Always happy to connect with people and go botanizing!

I love road trips, breeding bird season, and really everything about ecology - especially the interactions between flora and habitat, how each produces the other. I try to notice as much as I can, and some of those thoughts make it into the comments of my observations here.

I am often happy to connect people with interesting plants. I even leave some rarities unobscured if I'm not worried about a site being too affected by visitors (due to difficulty of access, obscurity of taxon, or whatever). If I've obscured an observation, it does not necessarily mean I won't share its location. I simply want to know who I am sending to a rare plant population or sensitive site. Naturally, there will still be times when I can't share where I saw something. Most notably, I will never share the locations of wild orchids via iNat. If we don't already know each other in person, it's best to just not ask.

All of my photos on iNat are totally okay to use with credit and for non-commercial purposes. Asking is not necessary as I will always say yes! If you use them in a publication, I would love to hear how my photos are being used for academic purposes. Even better would be a PDF of the publication sent to the email address below, if possible. If wanting to use photos for any other reason, please contact me directly.

You may notice that I've opted out of community ID on some individual observations. This is because of an increase in unhelpful IDs like "Plantae" and "Angiospermae" for plants that I've already identified at a finer scale. I just don't want my observations to ever live in Angiospermae obscurity, if I can help it.

Finally, I've learned that I'm awful about responding to messages on iNat, so any time-sensitive correspondence is best done by email at

Happy botanizing!

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