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I'm an ecologist and an entomologist, studying ants and other arthropods, and their complex relationship with their environment. I love exploring nature with other people, and especially exposing new people to the amazing biodiversity that is everywhere around us. I organize BioBlitzes in the South Bay - we just passed 1,000 species in 17 events - - please join the project to follow us! For my MSc I've studied the food base of two spiny mice species, and their internal parasites. For my PhD I've studied the non-native ants of Israel, including an unfortunate discovery of the little fire ant invasion to the Jordan Valley. I co-publish a species list of the ants of Israel, in addition to some more ecologically-oriented manuscripts. During my postdoc, I've studied the interactions between the non-native Argentine ant and the local ant species along a gradient of human disturbance from the Santa Cruz Mountains foothill to the town of Palo Alto.

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