maricel patino

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Amateur mycologist. Crazy about fungi.While I eat breakfast, I read a book about fungi. While I eat lunch, I read a book about fungi. In the night, after dinner, I do microscopic work, and during the weekends, I go to the woods to collect fungi. To survive I teach preschoolers. I already introduced them to fungi. I still don't have a preference for a particular fungi, so I study what is in season. I have my particular project for the Burlington County Park System in NJ. I am preparing the list and putting together the photos.

By now, I am focusing mainly on crust fungi. I go to the woods every weekend to turn the logs, and come back home with more crusts than I could possible work on ; I take it as a practice to become familiar with the variety and to learn the microscopic features of the diverse species. I still have to present a project to BCPS in NJ but by now I can include crust fungi found wherever I go.I love it!
Update: I moved to Portugal on May 10, 2023. At the beginning there were no fungi in sight so I turned with excitement to the new plants and other creatures that appeared around the house. I am also scoping water from different sources and found all sort of shapes. Rust fungi are very abundant around here so my interest about them has also grown. This has led me to learn about plants because to identify them it is necessary to know the species.

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