James K. Douch Curador

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PhD candidate with a predominant research interest in taxonomy, currently working mainly on the herpesviruses (Herpesviridae) of native Australian mammals.

Project administration: Viruses of the world

Tags for my observations of apparent viral diseases, with multiple unrelated (1) or no known (2) identification candidates

  1. Circomacula ex Pelargonium, Mosaic et vein chlorosis ex Malus, Mosaic ex Prunus, Rose mosaic, Mosaic ex Trifolium
  2. Circomacula ex Solanum mauritianum, Circomacula-viridis ex Camellia, Macula ex Prunus, Macula ex Solanum, Mosaic ex Fraxinus excelsior, Mosaic ex Streptocarpus, Vein chlorosis ex Berberis, Vein chlorosis ex Celtis australis, Vein chlorosis ex Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Vein chlorosis ex Linnaea

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