Josh Benavidez

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Herps or bust! Occasionally taking interest in arthropods, predatory mammals, fungi, or medicinal and edible plants. Just here to gain and spread knowledge. Y'all know this is the real life Pokédex, right?

Currently employed as a field technician with the University of Georgia working on a camera trap project involving feral pigs on the Chaparral WMA. Prior to my currently held position, I worked briefly with the Great Basin Institute as a radio telemetry technician monitoring a population of translocated Mojave Desert Tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) in southern Nevada. I have also worked with the Rulon Clark lab (San Diego State University) as a technician sampling the Mojave x Prairie hybrids (C. scutulatus x C. viridis) in the boot heel of New Mexico.

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