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I'm an observer of the species in my garden and local area, fascinated by the diversity in nature and grateful for the opportunity to learn and contribute even in a small way. I greatly admire the scientists and enthusiasts who are studying the natural world and protecting it.

Despite the setbacks I've seen over a long lifetime I'm optimistic about the future - knowledge is expanding exponentially and co-operative sites like iNaturalist are accessible globally. What a "buzz" to have an observation quickly confirmed or corrected by someone locally or from another state or country/culture from across the world! The world as my neighbourhood! I'm grateful.

I would like to acknowledge the Wadawurrung people, the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the unceded lands on which I live, and pay respect to Wadawurrung Ancestors and Elders past and present. I honour the Wadawurrung peoples' spiritual, cultural and customary connections to this land and the biodiversity that exists on Country.

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