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🦋 🌿🍄🌲 I'm a nature nerd and grad school dropout (with a B.S. in Biology). In 2017, my partner and I chose to buy several acres of old growth forest in the Appalachian foothills to place under conservation (with money that would have gone to grad school) and go off the grid. At that point, I pretty much became a full time "nature biographer". These days, I spend as much time as I can observing, hiking, photographing, and cataloguing my findings. I have a strong interest in fungi, plants, and insects, but I love learning about anything and everything! I cannot say that I am a specialist as I have a tendency to jump from one hyperfocus to the next. I drew a lot of inspiration from my professors in my college years, particularly from James K. Adams (who ignited my passion for insects and ecology)!

Unfortunately, I have multiple chronic health issues that prevent me from doing all that I'd like. I reside in the Southern Appalachian foothills, but the current political/pandemic-driven social climate has me hoping to move to Vermont in the very near future.

ʚɞ I'm nonbinary/genderfae. My pronouns are she/they-her/them. I'm also autistic. ʚɞ

In terms of social media, you can find me over at:

🍄🥄🌼 Spoons for Shrooms & Blooms--a nature & wildlife community for those struggling with chronic illness, pain, and mental health issues (AKA "spoonies"). I'm the creator and admin of this private group:

🦋 JungleDragon--I am a moderator and contributor there:

My photos have been featured or used as reference in:

-Fly Agaric: A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration by Kevin M Feeney:

-Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Arkansas by Jennifer Ogle:

Bryan Pfeiffer's Taming the Tigers (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly Guide):

The Social Wasps of North America by Chris Alice Kratzer:

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