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With a lifelong interest in native plants, I am most familiar with the plant communities and habitats in the East County where I grew up. My professional experience began 18 years ago with The San Diego Natural History Museum as the Plant Atlas Manager for Dr. Jon Rebman, Curator of the Botany Dept. While there I helped to organize and process the 70,000+ specimens that have been submitted by our active parabotanists since 2003. However, I am not a trained botanist and do not use a key for identifications. I rely on recognition experience and the San Diego County Synoptic collection on the San Diego Plant Atlas website (, Jepson eFlora ( and sometimes for natives. I also use the web to help with horticultural IDs. When I suggest plant IDs here for iNat I am using my best guess as if I were submitting it as my own collection/observation for the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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