Christopher Shepherd

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I am a qualified field guide in South Africa (though that qualification was really just an extension to a long holiday) and I have done a handful of trapping/conservation/volunteer projects in various places around the world but in general I am just a keen amateur naturalist with an ambition to visit as many places and see as many things as my time on this wonderful planet will allow.

I would very much like to participate in more projects so please feel free to message if you are in need of volunteers, especially if you are working in a place with high family-level endemism or difficult-to-see animal families as my target is to see and photograph every family of Birds and Mammals!

Any of my observations pre March 2021 are historical and so the locations might be a little off, but I am reviewing every one to get them as accurate as possible.

If I make a mistake with an ID please tag me so that I can correct it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me ID some of the trickier observations, my photography skills do leave a lot to be desired!

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