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My passion in nature is the vespine wasps, the dreaded/hated/feared yellowjackets and hornets of the Northern Hemisphere ( several species introduced into the Southern Hemisphere ). I have been studying these wasps as an amateur vespinologist since 1977. I currently reside in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, USA, but my travels have taken me to plenty of other States, and to Taiwan, Nepal and South Korea to study these gorgeous and fascinating insects.

Interested in social wasps ( Vespinae and Polistinae )? Consider joining our forum , "Vespids", at Yahoo Groups. We have posted 3000+ photos of wasps, nest sites and the nests themselves, as well as engaged in many fascinating dialogues. Most of the photos found on Vespids cannot be seen anywhere else.

If interested, be sure to check out my wasp videos on YouTube.

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