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I'm an English Instructor who gets her nature on by looking for native species on the edges of suburbia in Southern California. Because I commute from a densely populated, developed coastal region through a mixed agricultural and undeveloped area to a densely populated inland region, I have easy access to pockets of undisturbed nature where native communities still exist, perhaps as they did before my home town and work town paved over them.

What started as a casual way to squeeze a few nature walks in during the hectic school year turned into a routine pursuit of endemic species when an unusual manazanita I'd spied off a paved road in Rainbow was identified as Arctostaphylos rainbowensis.

I'm learning much from the community here and the process, but have sub-amateur identification knowledge. I especially love manzanitas, and especially worry about invasives; brassicas, in particular, seem to be carpeting the undisturbed region between North County San Diego and Southwest Riverside County.

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