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I grew up here in Sonoma County, California, in the mixed oak woodlands on the edge of the Great Redwood Forest. I had acres and acres of woods to wander through growing up, and learned a lot from my backpacker/nature enthusiast parents -- as well as from self study, which I intend to never let up on. I also apprenticed at Headwaters Outdoors School in Mt. Shasta. I'm especially a California native plant person, but my biological interests are by no means limited there! I love to pass on my knowledge, add to my own, and I occasionally lead plant walks. I've seen many wonderful places and am now back home to live just outside Guerneville, where my partner and I are fortunate enough to have a house and steward a small piece of land. I'm slowly turning it into a mini botanical garden for the edification of our friends and Airbnb guests. After the pandemic I'm excited to start offering plant and wildlife excursions for our guests in local preserves such as Austin Creek and Armstrong Woods.

Instagram: @brendanswiftmusic, @sweetwater.cottage
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