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For the past three years, I've been immersed in the scientific literature involving isopod ecology and taxonomy. I can identify 200+ terrestrial species and 108 aquatic species. Feel free to @ me if you need help with an Isopod ID. If you would like to send me any specimens that would be more than okay. Many Asellidae species can only be IDed under a compound microscope and have a possibility to be undescribed, especially Lirceus; just send me a message!

Feel free to use any pictures I have taken; however, it would be appreciated if you message me a link to where they are being used.

Identification Heatmap
Observation Heatmap

First Known Photographs of Living Specimens:
Caecidotea nodula
Arrenurus (Megaluracarus) expansus

iNat Firsts:
Caecidotea nodula
Genus Rickettsiella
Arrenurus (Megaluracarus) expansus
Attheyella illinoisensis

Projects I admin/created:
Unambiguous Isopods, a project to document isopods that show all defining characteristics for a 100% verifiable ID.
First iNat Isopoda Records, a project to document the first observation of each isopod species.

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