Alexis Tinker-Tsavalas

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Hi! My name is Alexis, and I'm 12 years old. I have been interested in nature my whole life, and photography since I got my first camera in 2017. My main interest has always been birds, but recently I have gotten into bugs and plants as well. I live in Berlin, Germany.

A couple of my current interests (some might say obsessions):
· Plant parasites; especially Powdery mildews, Leafmines, and galls
· Beetles, especially Weevils
· and more recently Mushrooms as well

in 2019, I am trying to find 1000 species (and I won't stop there ;-) ). Here is how many I have right now.
Edit: Since I cleared 1000, I am now going for 1500
Edit 2: Since I cleared 1500 species while posting observations from the 15th of october, I'm now going for 1750!

I am also a manager of The Young Birders of The World project here on iNat

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