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Young birder and naturalist in southern Ontario.

I am always learning, so take my identifications with a grain of salt. I recommend not agreeing with my identifications without learning how to identify the organism yourself; you get to learn something and it improves the quality of iNaturalist's observations! If you are trying to show appreciation for identifications, leaving a comment is more effective. :)

iNaturalist has been very helpful to me for learning about insects and other organisms. However, I put my bird observations on eBird instead.

If an organism is identifiable to species from photos, but my photos aren't good enough or don't have the right angle for it, please let me know! I will try to improve on it the next time I find one. Let me know also if cropping photos already there will help with ID.

Plant native plants to increase the biodiversity in your yard! If you're American, you can put your zip code into this website and it will tell you which species support the most insects in your area:
For Canadians, you can search up the zip code of a nearby American city, or if you're in southern Ontario Conservation Halton has made a similar list here:
Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy is a great resource for learning about the value of native plants. Here's a really nice video summary: It's totally worth the time, but you can make it only 30 minutes by watching it at 2x speed. ;)

I post my favourite photos on Flickr:
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